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Katie’s Ark was created and built because my very own furkids were rescues. I wanted to create an environment that was safe, homely, cosy, stress free and most of all fun for all my fur-guests.

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Featured Cats & Dogs


Female 6ms
A Cuddly Companion


Male 6ms
A Beautiful Orange Ball Of Love

What we do

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Rescuing Pets

If you would like to foster a pet while they
find there new home, please get in touch.

Finding Pets a Home

If you know of someone looking for a new pet,
please suggest the RSPCA adoption service.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To help every unwanted animal find it’s new forever home.

Get Involved

Many people may not be aware that RSPCA Queensland has over 5,000 volunteers.

As you can see, without the continued support of our valued volunteers, RSPCA Queensland would not be able to continue our day to day operation and help save over 56,000 animals each year.

Volunteering might just change your life, we know it’s changed ours, and certainly changes the lives of animals in our care.

Upcoming Events

AUG 19 - RSPCA Cupcake Day

Help raise vital funds for animals in need by hosting a Cupcake Day! Cupcake Day is officially held on Monday 19 August 2019, but you can don your aprons any day in August that suits you! For more information please visit www.rspcacupcakeday.com.au.

JUN 1- AUG 31 - Operation Wanted 2019

The Operation Wanted desexing campaign is a collaboration between RSPCA Qld, local councils and local veterinarians offering 20% Off desexing by pre-registering with Operation Wanted through the website www.OperationWanted.com.au.
The campaign runs from June 1 through to August 31 2019

The advantages of having your pet de-sexed are enormous.

• No risk of unwanted litters
• Reduces desire to roam
• Reduces risk of some cancers
• Reduces other unwanted behaviours such as urine spraying (cats)
• Cheaper Council registration fees
• Allows pets to be healthier and happier


Featured Pets


Domestic Short Hair (Mixed)
6 Months – Female
My ID: 1156692


Domestic Medium Hair (Mixed)
6 Months – Male
My ID: 1161624


Domestic Short Hair (Mixed)
1 Year 6 Months – Female
My ID: 1151562


Previous Foster Kids

Here are some photos of the foster kids who have enjoyed
their time here and have now found their forever home.

If you are looking for a new family member and would like to be notified when we have new foster kids in, please send us an email.